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      The Wexford Carol

      The Wexford Carol

      Celtic Woman

      Album: A Christmas Celebration

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      Celtic Woman - The Wexford Carol Música y Letra

      Good people all, this Christmas-time,
      Consider well and bear in mind
      What our good God for us has done,
      In sending His beloved Son.
      With Mary holy we should pray
      To God with love this Christmas Day:
      In Bethlehem upon that morn
      There was a blessed Messiah born.
      Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep
      Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep;
      To whom God's angels did appear,
      Which put the shepherds in great fear.
      "Prepare and go," the angels said,
      "To Bethlehem, be not afraid;
      For there you'll find, this happy morn,
      A princely Babe, sweet Jesus born."
      With thankful heart and joyful mind,
      The shepherds went the Babe to find,
      And as God's angel had foretold,
      They did our Saviour Christ behold.
      Within a manger He was laid,
      And by his side the Virgin Maid,
      As long foretold, there was a blessed Messiah born

      Celtic Woman - The Wexford Carol Música y Letra





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