Music PlayLists


      1. Allegretto Music by Johannes Brahms

      2. Allegretto grazioso Music by Johannes Brahms

      3. Sonata n5 - Si bémol majeur - Largo Music by Tomaso Albinoni

      4. Ungarische Rhapsodie nr 6 Des dur Music by Franz Liszt

      5. Minuet Aria in qauesta amene recitativo minuet da capo Music by Georg Friedrich Handel

      6. Peer Gynt Suite N 1 1 Morning Mood Music by Jean Sibelius

      7. Sonata n1 - Sol majeur - Grave-Adagio Music by Tomaso Albinoni

      8. Concerto pour hautbois damour en La Majeur BWV 1055 II Larghetto Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

      9. Symphony 6 in F, K.43 - Menuetto Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      10. String Quartet 1 in G, K.73f - Menuetto Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

      11. Opera transcriptions and paraphrases - Wagner - Tannhauser - Pilgrims Chorus Music by Franz Liszt

      12. Andante con moto Music by Felix Mendelssohn

      13. Finlandia op 26 Music by Jean Sibelius

      14. Andante Festivo for string orchestra (arranged from string quartet version) Music by Jean Sibelius

      15. Lemminkainen Suite op 22 No 2 The Swan of Tuonela Music by Jean Sibelius

      16. Gavotte (Suite francaise No5 en sol majeur BWV 816) Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

      17. La rivedra nell estasi Music by Giuseppe Verdi

      18. Agnus Dei Music by Giuseppe Verdi

      19. XIII The Descent of the Holy Spirit - 3 Guigue Music by Heinrich Ignaz Biber

      20. Also sprach Zarathustra Op 30 Der Genesende Music by Lorin Maazel

      21. Symphonia Serena - 1 Moderately fast Music by Paul Hindemith

      22. Equus Music by Omen IV: The Awakening

      23. Piano Concerto 1 Allegro maestoso Music by Franz Liszt



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